The Weekly Report
For Week of February 19, 2012


Altar Flowers—The flowers at the Baptismal Font this morning are given to the greater glory of God and in thanksgiving for the baptism today of Marlena Hope Anderson whom we welcome into the Body of Christ.

Marlena Hope Anderson's parents are Christopher Lamar Anderson and Karen Clark Anderson. Her godparents are Sherrie Anne Raposa, Paul Brandon Cain, AnnMarie Elizabeth Anderson, and Michael Francis Anderson.

Marlena's grandfather, the Reverend Father James Anderson, officiates at her baptism this Sunday.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd—Both atria meet every Sunday from 10:00 am until the Agnus Dei, when the children join their parents in the church. Children 3 to 5 years old meet in the 12th Street Atrium Children aged 6 and over meet in St. Vincent's Atrium. As always, we welcome parishioners to visit. For more information speak to Victoria Ebell or contact her at

Have you pledged for 2012? -- Your pledge is important! Your financial gifts support Christ's ministry in this parish. You may find pledge forms at the back of the church. Please fill one out and drop it in the offering plate or the marked box at the back of the church.


Monday Night Group 2.0 — The next meeting of the Monday Night Group will be on February 20 in the parish house at 7:30 p.m.. As ASA's adult community group, MNG gathers over food and drink to discuss our faith in an open, honest, and respectful exchange of ideas. We welcome all perspectives and encourage anyone still discovering their faith to stop by and get to know the group. Contact Katherine Nehring with any questions,

Diabetes Support Group — The next meeting of the Diabetes Support Group will be Thursday, March 15 in the Parish House dining room. If you have any questions please contact Chuck Partridge ( or Susan Hawfield ( All are welcome!

Getting Involved

Acolytes — The acolyte guild will be offering additional training at the parish on Saturday, February 25 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm for acolytes who wish to learn additional service duties in our High Mass. If there are any who are interested in finding out more about the acolyte guild and their service to the parish, you are welcome to join us. For more information, please contact Scott Merritt at or 703-642-8204.

N Street Village -- The next date for our Outreach ministry at N Street Village is Monday, February 27. We encourage new volunteers to become a part of this ministry. For more information, please contact Chuck Bass, Fred Sutton, Eve Wilkins or Albert Bacon.

General Interest

Presidents' Day Observance -- Monday is the Federal Holiday observance of President's Day. The daily Mass will be celebrated at 10:00 am; the church offices will be closed.

Intercessory Prayers -- One of the goals of the parish's Pastoral Care Team is to encourage communication and care among our parishioners. When you have a request for prayer, are feeling bereft or would like to hear a friendly voice please contact Anne Lyn Welsh at 703.433.0939 or
Please Pray for:
· Nancy D., coping with many difficult housing issues. She is praying anxiously for the day she can return to services at ASA with her parish family.
· Martha L., who is undergoing cancer therapy.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper — Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, is this Tuesday, February 21. We will have our traditional Pancake Supper that evening. Pancake-eating is scheduled to begin about 7:00 pm., but set-up and pancake-making will begin considerably earlier.

There will be sign-up sheets in the undercroft this morning. Sign up if you plan to come and eat. It will help the pancake-makers to plan for the amounts to cook. There will also be sign-up sheets for helpers to decorate and set the tables, for pancake-flippers, and, of course, for clean-up. You may remember that John Loomis is said to make the best pancakes anywhere, but he can't feed all those hungry pancake-eaters alone. Plan to come and bring your friends., and all pitch in!

The Joy of Lent

Lent begins in 10 days. It is a time of renewal and learning. ASA will offer two programs for the season.

Kalendar for the Week

Sunday, February 19
Last Sunday After the Epiphany:

7:40 am Morning Prayer, Church
8:00 am Low Mass, Church
10:00 am CGS; Children 3-5, 12th Street Atrium
10:00 am CGS; Children 6 and over,
St. Vincent's Atrium
10:00 am High Mass and Baptism, Church
11:50 am Coffee Hour, Undercroft

Monday, February 20

Birtyday of President George Washington, Federal Holiday
(church offices closed)
10:00 am Low Mass, St. Agnes Chapel
7:00 pm Monday Night Group, Parish House

Tuesday, February 21

12:10 pm Low Mass, St. Agnes Chapel

Wednesday, February 22
Ash Wednesday

12:10 pm Low Mass with Imposition of Ashes,
7:00 pm High Mass with Imposition of Ashes,

Thursday, February 23
Lenten Feria
(Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr of Smyrna, 156)

12:10 pm Low Mass, St. Agnes Chapel

Friday, February 24
St. Mathias, Apostle

12:10 pm Low Mass, St. Agnes Chapel

Saturday, February 25
Lenten Feria

10:00 am Flower and Altar Guilds, Church
10:00 am Acolyte Guild training, Church

Sunday, February 26
First Sunday in Lent

7:40 am Morning Prayer, Church
8:00 am Low Mass, Church
10:00 am CGS; Children 3-5, 12th Street Atrium
10:00 am CGS; Children 6 and over,
St. Vincent's Atrium
10:00 am High Mass, Church
11:50 am Coffee Hour, Undercroft
12:00 noon Lenten Conversation, Undercroft

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