BAPTISM is regarded as the first sacrament of the Christian Church, and it is sometimes called the "door of the sacraments" and the "door of the Church."

Infant Baptism: Parents who desire baptism for their children are encouraged to contact Fr. Davenport to make the necessary arrangements.

Adult Baptism: If you have not been baptized, or do not know whether you have been validly baptized, but desire baptism, please contact Father Davenport by telephone at (202) 347-8161 or by email, and he will arrange for you to meet other adults in an enriching process that leads to baptism.

The form and matter of baptism, like so many other questions that are essential to the Church, were for long the causes of heated dispute. Over the years, however, the various points of controversy have been settled: baptism is with water and it is performed in the name of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity. The baptizer says "I baptize thee in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." Any other liquid, and any other words, are invalid.

For an exhaustive treatment of the historical disputes over baptism, see the Catholic Encyclopedia's article entitled Baptism.


If you have questions about any of these matters, or if you would like to arrange for a baptism, please call Fr. Davenport or Fr. Wood at (202) 347-8161.

Baptism of Christ





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