Diabetes Support Group

DIABETES is a chronic condition that affects all aspects of daily life and is a increasingly serious public health issue. A support group is very helpful for some diabetics who find it difficult to cope with the daily monitoring of blood glucose, diet restrictions, the schedule of exercise, etc.

Next monthly meeting:
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This group is designed to provide the personal support often needed to deal effectively with this disease and to be a resource for general information, newest research results, diet modifications that are particularly helpful, sharing individual experiences, etc.— there is an endless list of topics.

The support group will also explore the Christian response to serious illness.

Everyone is welcome—those afflicted, those with a loved one who has the disease and other interested individuals.  If you are interested in attending or would like more information, contact Chuck Partridge or Susan Hawfield or call the church office at 202-347-8161.

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Recently Diagnosed?

Visit the American Diabetes Association's web site. " If you or someone you care for has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you are no doubt experiencing a range of emotions. Fear, anger, denial, frustration, depression and uncertainty are just a few of them, and are very common. You are not alone. This area of our Web site can help ease your fears and teach you more about living with and managing your diabetes, caring for someone with diabetes, and how to handle the emotions behind an initial diagnosis." Read more >




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