Catechumenate 2009-2010

WE INVITE YOU to participate in our annual Catechumenate.  Christians are apt to speak of having a ‘relationship’ with Jesus, orGod.  We also speak of ‘knowing’ God.  What does this kind of language mean?  The Catechumenate offers an explanation and provides us an opportunity to develop this relationship, to come to know God.  Mostly using a seminar format, we discuss ways to know God: prayer, Bible, sacraments, worship, community, service, doctrine. 

The Catechumenate meets each Wednesday
From Oct. 2009 through Easter 2010
6:15 pm Evening Prayer, S. Francis Chapel
6:30 pm Mass, S. Francis Chapel
7:00 - 8:30 pm Catechumenate meets in the Parish House
Review the Syllabus
All are welcome.
For information, call (202) 347-8161

The purpose of the Catechumenate is not only to teach us about God, but to help us know God.  It is a six month course for adults to explore the Christian faith.  All are welcome: the baptized and the unbaptized, the seeker, the unchurched, the cradle Episcopalian, the committed atheist.

The introductory meeting will begin with a light meal and provide an overview, introductions, informal presentations by the leaders, and consider questions and answers. You are welcome to come to any one class or to all of them.

As we study doctrine, prayer, history, spiritual growth, scripture, sacraments, we ask:

The discussion is led by clergy and laypersons, and all participants are encouraged to offer questions, arguments, or comments to the conversation.  Participants do not have to make a commitment, but participation is necessary for people who would like to be, or are considering becoming —

If you are even casually interested in learning more about Christian tradition, please plan to join us at the introductory meeting and light meal on October 1, 2008. All are welcome to attend.  If you have questions, please call the church office at 202.347.8161 and ask to speak to Fr. Davenport.

Man's chief and highest end is to glorify God,
and fully to enjoy him forever.







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